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In the past if you’ve visited Fezzik’s Place you would have seen some of this content below

Welcome to Fezzik’s Place

You have arrived at the best sports betting information site on the Internet. Professional gambler Fezzik gives his free picks and shares sports betting strategies. On this site you can check live lines, get his picks, and also read and/or participate in the lively and enlightening discussion on the posting forum. Fezzik, in the past, charged $600 for his selections, but at Fezzik’s Place we’re giving them away for free. Why would we give the picks away for free? Because, unlike other handicappers, Fezzik makes the vast majority of his livelihood betting, not selling picks. He welcomes openly posting his plays for all to see, demonstrating his abilities.

Receive All of Fezzik’s Picks for Free!!

Fezzik will post his picks (and rationales) here. Every pick will be monitored by LVA staff or FezziksPlace members. We don’t hide the bad like other sports betting sites. We show every play and we make sure that every play is at an available number. We strive to bring integrity to this industry by being honest and open with all the good and all the not-so-good. This allows you to make an informed decision and not be influenced by marketing hype. To access Fezzik’s picks, you need only sign up for your free access code here.

Message Board and More

One reason for making this move was the phenomenal success of the Fezzik’s Place message board, a forum to discuss how to win sports betting, and other games. We’ll also be posting articles, analyses, and other content at Check us out daily.

The Fezzik’s Place Conference Call

Thursday nights at 8pm Pacific

Each week during the football season, join many of the Fezzik’s Place regulars for a live, interactive conference call. Informative and unscripted, you’ll get opinions on the upcoming weekend’s games, and answers to your sports betting questions. It’s not radio, and it’s not the internet. Use your telephone to listen to the call. Moderated by, Jon in Oakland, the Fezzik’s Place Conference Call has attracted guests such as, Fezzik, David Matthews, Alan Boston, Dave Cokin, Charlie J, the 8 of Clubs, Dreamer, Perpetual Czech, and many others. Everyone’s welcome, but you’ll need the telephone number and access code, which change on a weekly basis. To receive this information, email Jon at the address below. There’s no cost, you only pay for the call. Questions?

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