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Slaters Picks 2019-2020 Betting Informartion

Slaters Picks is providing late breaking sports betting information to the public now that sports betting is becoming legalized across the board. With Iowa and Indianapolis being the first two states to cross the finish line and start legalized sports betting in their states in time for the 2019-2020 season.

In addition Pennsylvania has stepped up to the plate and has mobile sports betting with full fledged betting to rival neighboring state New Jersey. The handle which is the total amount of money bet on sports is rivaling the total handle in Las Vegas. So the big question is as New Mexico, Rhode Island, Nevada, Delaware, Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania have legalized sports betting which ones will keep betting to being in person only vs. which ones will allow you to download Fan Duel or a rival application and start betting right from your phone.

One thing is for sure. Andy Slater a nationally renowned sports talk show host is promoting betting information and picks via Slater’s Picks a website that provides inside tips and advice for wagers as well as futures predictions based on insider information that he later on breaks as a sports story and now interested bettors and handicappers can bet on this and turn a nice profit. What are your biggest predictions for the 2019-2020 NFL and College Football season?

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The Worlds Best Sports Bettors

There is a short list of the worlds best and most notorious sports bettors. While some like Lefty Rosenthal have passed away and others like Billy Walters have been incarcerated as a result of an insider trading scandal there are a few that are the very best and known for their skills and prowess to beat out the bookmakers year over year.

The two most famous and successful living sports bettors right now are:

Jim Fezzik

Jon Price

Fezzik won the national handicapping championships back to back and was voted the Tout that you can be happy with his betting predictions and Jon Price runs Sports Information Traders which offers reasonably priced betting packages for those looking to work with the legend himself. Just Google him to see for yourself.

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