Slaters Picks 2019-2020 Betting Informartion

Slaters Picks is providing late breaking sports betting information to the public now that sports betting is becoming legalized across the board. With Iowa and Indianapolis being the first two states to cross the finish line and start legalized sports betting in their states in time for the 2019-2020 season.

In addition Pennsylvania has stepped up to the plate and has mobile sports betting with full fledged betting to rival neighboring state New Jersey. The handle which is the total amount of money bet on sports is rivaling the total handle in Las Vegas. So the big question is as New Mexico, Rhode Island, Nevada, Delaware, Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania have legalized sports betting which ones will keep betting to being in person only vs. which ones will allow you to download Fan Duel or a rival application and start betting right from your phone.

One thing is for sure. Andy Slater a nationally renowned sports talk show host is promoting betting information and picks via Slater’s Picks a website that provides inside tips and advice for wagers as well as futures predictions based on insider information that he later on breaks as a sports story and now interested bettors and handicappers can bet on this and turn a nice profit. What are your biggest predictions for the 2019-2020 NFL and College Football season?

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Sports Betting Picks

This site has been taken over by the team at Sports Information Traders. If you would like an advantage betting on sports and to make money call and speak to an analyst today by

CALL 866-441-2711

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Jim Fezzik’s Records

This is a compilation of Fezzik picks, game by game, for the current sports season(s). The picks will be noted in the “Type” column as “STR,” “TSR,” or “PROP.” STR is for straight bets. TSR is for teaser plays. PROP is for proposition plays. STR and PROP plays will use the symbol “vs.” as they will be one event “vs.” another event. Teaser plays will only show the picked teams and will use the “&” symbol as both teams are required to cover for the bet to win. Football teasers will be graded as 6-pt teasers at -110. Fezzik weights all plays from 1 to 4. This is his recommendation for the maximum percent of your bankroll to wager on that particular play. 1 weights indicate 1% of bankroll. 4 weights represent 4% of bankroll. The record display at the top will show the weighted win/loss record and the unweighted record.


Weighted Record
Wins 112.00 Losses 61.00 Pushes 9.00 Percentage 64.74%

Season Record
Wins 84 Losses 51 Pushes 6 Percentage 62.2%
Date Type Teams Result – Units
11-27 STR Packers +10.5 vs Seahawks Win   2.0 NFL
11-26 STR Texans +5 vs Jets Lose   -1.1 NFL
11-26 STR Steelers ov 38.5 vs Ravens Lose   -1.1 NFL
11-26 STR Vikings -6 vs Cardinals Lose   -1.1 NFL
11-26 STR Eagles +8 vs Colts Lose   -1.1 NFL
11-26 STR Browns +3.5 vs Bengals Lose   -1.1 NFL
11-26 STR Redskins +6 vs Panthers Win   2.0 NFL
11-25 STR UNLV +10.5 vs Air Force Win   1.0 NCAAF
11-25 STR UNLV un 47.5 vs Air Force Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
11-25 STR USC -8 vs Notre Dame Win   1.0 NCAAF
11-25 STR NC State -2.5 vs East Carolina Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
11-23 STR Chiefs -1 vs Broncos Win   1.0 NFL
11-19 STR Titans ov 42.5 vs Eagles Win   1.0 NFL
11-19 STR Ravens ov 40.5 vs Falcons Lose   -1.1 NFL
11-19 STR Cowboys PK vs Colts Win   1.0 NFL
11-19 STR Vikings +3.5 vs Dolphins Lose   -1.1 NFL
11-19 STR Lions +2.5 vs Cardinals Lose   -1.1 NFL
11-18 STR Mississippi St +7 -115 2H vs Arkansas Push    NCAAF
11-18 STR North Carolina +3.5 vs NC State Win   1.0 NCAAF
11-12 STR Eagles -6.5 -120 vs Redskins Win   1.0 NFL
11-12 STR Raiders +8.5 vs Broncos Win   1.0 NFL
11-11 STR Arizona St +1.5 vs Washington St Win   1.0 NCAAF
11-09 STR Rutgers +6 vs Louisville Win   2.0 NCAAF
11-05 STR 49ers +5 vs Vikings Win   1.0 NFL
11-04 STR Wake Forest +3.5 vs Boston College Win   1.0 NCAAF
11-04 STR NC State +5 vs Georgia Tech Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
11-04 STR Texas A&M; +3 vs Oklahoma Win   1.0 NCAAF
11-04 STR Missouri ov 50 vs Nebraska Win   1.0 NCAAF
10-30 STR Vikings +2 vs Patriots Lose   -1.1 NFL
10-29 STR Eagles -6 vs Jaguars Lose   -1.1 NFL
10-28 STR Temple +18 vs Bowling Green Win   1.0 NCAAF
10-28 STR Mississippi +19 vs Auburn Win   1.0 NCAAF
10-28 STR Nebraska OV 51 vs Oklahoma State Win   1.0 NCAAF
10-22 STR Raiders +3 vs Cardinals Win   1.0 NFL
10-22 STR Redskins +8.5 vs Colts Lose   -1.1 NFL
10-22 STR Vikings +7 -120 vs Seahawks Win   1.0 NFL
10-22 STR Falcons +3 vs Steelers Win   2.0 NFL
10-22 STR Bills PK 2H vs Patriots Lose   -1.1 NFL
10-21 STR NC State ov 43 vs Maryland Win   2.0 NCAAF
10-21 STR Alabama ov 43 vs Tennessee Lose   -2.2 NCAAF
10-21 STR Nebraska +5 vs Texas Win   1.0 NCAAF
10-21 STR Oklahoma State -1.5 vs Texas A&M; Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
10-19 STR New Mexico +7 -120 vs Utah Win   1.0 NCAAF
10-19 STR Central Michigan -6.5 -120 vs Bowling Green Win   1.0 NCAAF
10-16 STR Cardinals +12.5 vs Bears Win   1.0 NFL
10-15 STR Titans ov 39 vs Redskins Win   1.0 NFL
10-15 STR Texans ov 43 vs Cowboys Lose   -1.1 NFL
10-15 STR 49ers +10 vs Chargers Lose   -1.1 NFL
10-15 STR Chiefs ov 36.5 vs Steelers Win   1.0 NFL
10-15 STR Seahawks un 45.5 vs Rams Lose   -1.1 NFL
10-15 STR Buccanneers +5 vs Bengals Win   1.0 NFL
10-14 STR Penn State +6 vs Michigan Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
10-14 STR Texas A&M; +2 vs Missouri Win   1.0 NCAAF
10-08 STR Packers +3 -120 vs Rams Push    NFL
10-08 STR Eagles -1.5 vs Cowboys Win   1.0 NFL
10-08 STR Browns +8 vs Panthers Push    NFL
10-08 STR Jets OV 37 vs Jaguars Win   3.0 NFL
10-07 STR Wake Forest UN 46.5 vs Clemson Win   1.0 NCAAF
10-07 STR Syracuse OV 42 vs Pittsburgh Lose   -2.2 NCAAF
10-05 STR TCU +3 -120 vs Utah Lose   -1.2 NCAAF
10-02 STR Packers OV 47.5 vs Eagles Lose   -2.2 NFL
10-01 STR Ravens +2 vs Chargers Win   1.0 NFL
10-01 TSR Ravens +8 & Redskins +8.5 Win   2.0 NFL
10-01 STR Jets +8.5 vs Colts Win   2.0 NFL
10-01 STR Redskins +3 -130 vs Jaguars Win   2.0 NFL
10-01 STR Dolphins OV 38.5 vs Texans Lose   -2.2 NFL
09-30 STR Central Michigan +10 vs Kentucky Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-30 STR Standford +24 vs UCLA Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
09-30 STR Mississippi +18.5 vs Georgia Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-30 STR Iowa +7 vs Ohio State Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
09-24 STR Steelers -2 vs Bengals Lose   -1.1 NFL
09-24 STR Vikings +3.5 vs Bears Win   1.0 NFL
09-24 STR Eagles ov 42 vs 49ers Win   2.0 NFL
09-24 STR Jets +6 vs Bills Win   1.0 NFL
09-23 STR Connecticut +1.5 vs Indiana Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-23 STR Wyoming -1 vs Air Force Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
09-23 STR Penn St OV 43 vs Ohio St Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
09-23 STR Syracuse -6.5 vs Miami (OH) Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-23 STR Alabama OV 37 vs Arkansas Win   2.0 NCAAF
09-23 STR East Carolina +21 vs West Virginia Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-23 STR Hawaii +14.5 vs Boise State Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-23 STR Houston PK vs Oklahoma State Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-18 STR Jaguars +3 -125 vs Steelers Win   2.0 NFL
09-17 STR 49ers +3 vs Rams Win   2.0 NFL
09-17 STR Buccanneers +3 vs Falcons Lose   -1.1 NFL
09-17 TSR Seahawks -1 & Packers +8 Win   2.0 NFL
09-17 TSR Packers +8 & Bears -1.5 Win   1.0 NFL
09-17 STR Saints ov 36.5 vs Packers Win   3.0 NFL
09-16 STR Cincinnatti +30 vs Ohio State Push    NCAAF
09-16 STR San Diego St un 47.5 vs Wisconsin Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-16 STR Arizona St un 50.5 vs Colorado Win   1.0 NFL
09-10 STR Browns -3 vs Saints Lose   -2.2 NFL
09-10 STR Giants +3 vs Colts Lose   -1.1 NFL
09-10 STR 49ers +10 -112 vs Cardinals Win   1.0 NFL
09-10 TSR Cowboys +8.5 & Cardinals -1.5 Win   2.0 NFL
09-10 STR Eagles ov 37 vs Texans Lose   -2.2 NFL
09-10 STR Saints ov 36.5 vs Browns Lose   -1.1 NFL
09-10 STR 49ers ov 42 vs Cardinals Win   1.0 NFL
09-09 STR Colorado un 45 vs Colorado St Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-09 STR Toledo un 51.5 vs Western Michigan Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-07 STR Boise State un 30.5 2H vs Oregon St Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-03 STR Houston un 53.5 vs Rice Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
09-02 STR Army un 46 vs Arkansas St Win   2.0 NCAAF
09-02 STR Akron +18 vs Penn St Push    NCAAF
09-02 STR Southern Mississippi +21 vs Florida Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
09-02 STR Penn St -9 1H vs Akron Win   2.0 NCAAF
09-02 STR Florida -20 vs Southern Mississippi Win   2.0 NCAAF
09-02 STR Marshall un 48 vs West Virginia Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
09-02 STR Rutgers un 46.5 vs North Carolina Win   2.0 NCAAF
09-02 STR East Carolina un 51.5 vs Navy Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-02 STR Utah un 54.5 vs UCLA Win   2.0 NCAAF
09-02 STR SMU un 54.5 vs Texas Tech Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-02 STR UAB un 42 vs Oklahoma Win   2.0 NCAAF
09-02 STR Northern Illinois ov 49.5 vs Ohio St Lose   -2.2 NCAAF
09-02 STR Rutgers +5.5 vs North Carolina Win   2.0 NCAAF
09-02 STR Utah St +13 vs Wyoming Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
09-02 STR Navy -11 vs East Carolina Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
09-02 STR Utah +3.5 vs UCLA Lose   -2.2 NCAAF
09-02 STR Penn St -17 vs Akron Win   1.0 NCAAF
09-02 STR Pittsburgh -3 -120 vs Virginia Win   1.0 NCAAF
08-31 STR Eastern Michigan un 51.5 vs Ball St Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
08-31 STR Temple un 44 vs Buffalo Win   1.0 NCAAF
08-31 STR UTEP +3 -120 vs San Diego St Win   1.0 NCAAF
08-31 STR Northwestern un 56 vs Miami OH Win   1.0 NCAAF
08-31 STR UTEP un 50.5 vs San Diego St Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
08-31 STR Miami OH +6 vs Northwestern Lose   -1.1 NCAAF
08-26 STR Redskins +3 1H vs Patriots Lose   -1.1 NFL
08-26 STR Redskins +4 vs Patriots Lose   -1.1 NFL
08-26 STR Falcons ov 37.5 vs Titans Lose   -2.2 NFL
08-26 STR Saints -0.5 2H vs Colts Win   2.0 NFL
08-19 STR Panthers ov 34.5 vs Jaguars Lose   -2.2 NFL
08-19 STR Titans +6 vs Broncos Lose   -1.1 NFL
08-12 STR Bills +4 vs Panthers Win   1.0 NFL
08-12 STR Packers +3.5 vs Chargers Lose   -1.1 NFL
08-12 TSR Cowboys +9 & Jaguars +8 Win   1.0 NFL
08-12 TSR Cowboys +9 & Cardinals +3 Win   1.0 NFL
08-12 TSR Raiders +9 & Jaguars +9 Win   1.0 NFL
08-11 TSR Lions +8 & 49ers +7.5 Win   2.0 NFL
08-11 TSR Raiders +9 & Lions +8.5 Win   1.0 NFL
08-10 STR Rams -2 vs Colts Push    NFL
08-10 STR Rams un 40.5 vs Colts Win   2.0 NFL
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Sports Betting Articles

In the past if you’ve visited Fezzik’s Place you would have seen some of this content below

Welcome to Fezzik’s Place

You have arrived at the best sports betting information site on the Internet. Professional gambler Fezzik gives his free picks and shares sports betting strategies. On this site you can check live lines, get his picks, and also read and/or participate in the lively and enlightening discussion on the posting forum. Fezzik, in the past, charged $600 for his selections, but at Fezzik’s Place we’re giving them away for free. Why would we give the picks away for free? Because, unlike other handicappers, Fezzik makes the vast majority of his livelihood betting, not selling picks. He welcomes openly posting his plays for all to see, demonstrating his abilities.

Receive All of Fezzik’s Picks for Free!!

Fezzik will post his picks (and rationales) here. Every pick will be monitored by LVA staff or FezziksPlace members. We don’t hide the bad like other sports betting sites. We show every play and we make sure that every play is at an available number. We strive to bring integrity to this industry by being honest and open with all the good and all the not-so-good. This allows you to make an informed decision and not be influenced by marketing hype. To access Fezzik’s picks, you need only sign up for your free access code here.

Message Board and More

One reason for making this move was the phenomenal success of the Fezzik’s Place message board, a forum to discuss how to win sports betting, and other games. We’ll also be posting articles, analyses, and other content at Check us out daily.

The Fezzik’s Place Conference Call

Thursday nights at 8pm Pacific

Each week during the football season, join many of the Fezzik’s Place regulars for a live, interactive conference call. Informative and unscripted, you’ll get opinions on the upcoming weekend’s games, and answers to your sports betting questions. It’s not radio, and it’s not the internet. Use your telephone to listen to the call. Moderated by, Jon in Oakland, the Fezzik’s Place Conference Call has attracted guests such as, Fezzik, David Matthews, Alan Boston, Dave Cokin, Charlie J, the 8 of Clubs, Dreamer, Perpetual Czech, and many others. Everyone’s welcome, but you’ll need the telephone number and access code, which change on a weekly basis. To receive this information, email Jon at the address below. There’s no cost, you only pay for the call. Questions?

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The Worlds Best Sports Bettors

There is a short list of the worlds best and most notorious sports bettors. While some like Lefty Rosenthal have passed away and others like Billy Walters have been incarcerated as a result of an insider trading scandal there are a few that are the very best and known for their skills and prowess to beat out the bookmakers year over year.

The two most famous and successful living sports bettors right now are:

Jim Fezzik

Jon Price

Fezzik won the national handicapping championships back to back and was voted the Tout that you can be happy with his betting predictions and Jon Price runs Sports Information Traders which offers reasonably priced betting packages for those looking to work with the legend himself. Just Google him to see for yourself.

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